Crash-landing service

It's never too late to be covered with our mission-critical proactive monitoring and support.
Our experienced support engineers can take care and about your situation even in the worst scenarios and get your project back online.

We will help you put together a recovery plan and we create action plans to get you operational as quickly and painlessly as possible.

We can secure and bring back online your services, and if needed, restore in our top-tier Datacenter as fast as technically possible.

  • Recover from a site hack or compromise
  • Sites under DDoS attack
  • Post-mortem take-over
  • Hard drives or servers crash
  • Emergency project scaling
  • Website loading or performing slow

How does our Crash-landing service works?


Submit your case

submit your case to our crash-landing team


Our emergency support engineers will study your case and may require some additional information

Work plans

We will give you different work plans to handle the situation, estimated time to recovery, and their associated costs


We will start work to get your project back on air

Let's start!

Tell us about your emergency and we will back to you in minutes.
After our first inspection we will give you different ways to handle the situation, estimated time to recovery and their costs.